Logseq Resources

A collection of all the resources that I've put together for Logseq users, new and old.

Logseq Mastery course

A fully-fledged, self-paced course to take you from complete beginner to Logseq master.

Logseq Mastery course

Logseq Beginner's course

An 8-part series to introduce you to Logseq and help you grasp the fundamental concepts.

Logseq templates

A repository on Github where you can access my Logseq templates for free.

Logseq workflow diagram

This is the diagram that I shared in Part 8 of the introductory course. I have since stopped using Diagrams.net for this mapping exercise, as I moved all diagrams to Excalidraw when building the course. The final diagram is available in the full Logseq Mastery course.