Logseq resources

A collection of all the resources that I've put together for Logseq users, new and old.

Logseq Mastery course

A fully-fledged, self-paced course to take you from complete beginner to Logseq master. All of my previous work has fed into this synthesised, well-structured approach to cut your learning curve and to maximise your use of Logseq.

Logseq Mastery course

Logseq templates and customisation

Simplifying your workflow with Logseq templates
Some example Logseq templates and a text expander workflow (highly recommended!) for simplifying your template input
Adding custom CSS to Logseq

Here is the repository on Github where you can access my Logseq templates and custom CSS for free.

Logseq beginner's course

An 8-part series to introduce you to Logseq and help you grasp the fundamental concepts.

New to Logseq? Here is an 8-part beginner course to get you started.
An 8-part video series to help a complete newcomer get up the Logseq learning curve as quickly as possible.

Videos explaining the mental models of how to use Logseq

How to use Logseq
Logseq Tutorials to help you grasp the mental models required to work in a networked graph database.