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Dec 02
11: Time management for muppets
Oct 11
How to use Logseq
Oct 03
10: Healing the relationship with my body
Sep 21
Adding custom CSS to Logseq
Aug 28
9: Getting back in the game
Jul 03
8: Rethinking 'hermitting' and reflecting on energy and goals
May 29
7: Life update and a separation of concerns
Apr 24
6: Time for a break
Apr 16
A framework for living well
Apr 03
5: The art of slowing down
Apr 01
Why do we write atomic essays?
Mar 25
How do we answer the right questions?
Mar 24
Let's celebrate the bootstrappers.
Mar 22
Stories > statistics.
Mar 21
Why is it so hard to work with developers?
Mar 17
Maybe a zettelkasten is not for you?
Mar 16
What are we actually saying in the office?
Mar 15
Personal Knowledge Management is easy. Try 'Collective Knowledge Management'
Mar 14
Don’t let your life become a series of pissing contests.
Mar 11
No-one is driving the bus.
Mar 10
Finding the light amidst the shadows.
Mar 09
Before changing the world, get the basics right first.
Mar 08
Writing doesn’t help you think better. Reflection does.
Mar 07
How do we find signal in a noisy world?
Mar 06
4: Why I'm not spending money on online courses
Mar 04
Stop using spreadsheets to manage your projects. There is a better way.
Mar 03
Don't trust simple solutions to complex problems.
Mar 02
Lessons from religion for 'tools for thought' communities
Mar 01
Software won't solve your company's problems.
Feb 08
3: On human frailty and immortality projects
Jan 23
2: It's okay to not be okay
Jan 16
1: Hello world!
Jan 11
A spreadsheet to help eToro and Easy Equities TFSA investors
Jan 10
Struggling to meditate? Try the "Waking Up" app.
Jan 10
How Will You Measure Your Life - Clayton Christensen
Jan 02
Simplifying your workflow with Logseq templates
Jan 01
Anything You Want - Derek Sivers
Dec 05
New to Logseq? Here is an 8-part beginner course to get you started.
Jan 10
How not to start a blog
Apr 19
The tragedy of getting stuck in a holding pattern
Apr 18
The problem of the over-sized ears
Apr 13
Stop being so hard on yourself
Sep 13
A weird thought about artificial intelligence leading us into oblivion
Dec 12
Accepting the monkey mind
Dec 01
Learning to meditate the hard way: Reflections on my first Vipassana meditation retreat*